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Where do your motor coach tours depart from?
We have tours where you will reach your destination by motor coach and tours where you reach your destination by plane. On our motor coach tours, we typically have pick-up locations in the Greater Cincinnati area and the Greater Dayton area. Pick-up locations are determined after a majority of reservations are submitted and you will be notified of your pick-up location approximately 2 weeks before departure. There will not be a pick-up at each location listed below for each tour and you will not be able to change your pick-up location to one not offered on a specific tour. You are able to leave your vehicle at the pick-up location for the duration of the tour. If a center or group has 15 or more passengers, then we will have a pick-up at the center.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Evendale Recreation Center -  10500 Reading Rd Cincinnati, OH 45241
Colerain Township Community Center - 4300 Springdale Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45251
Sharonville Rec Center - 10900 Thornview Dr., Sharonville, OH 45241
Drury Inn – Cincinnati - 2265 East Sharon Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241
Partners in Prime – 7900 Cox Rd. West Chester, OH 45069
Dayton, Ohio
Rec West Enrichment Center - 965 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd., Dayton, OH 45459
Charles Lathrem Senior Center - 2900 Glengarry Dr Kettering, OH 45420
Beavercreek Senior Center - 3868 Dayton Xenia Rd  Beavercreek, OH 45432

How do I join a flying tour?
If you are interested in joining a tour where you reach your destination by airplane, we are happy to help make the process easy for you. The price listed on our flying tours is for “Land Only” which means the price only includes the price of the tour, not the airfare. We list these tours without airfare because travelers will be joining our tours from all over the United States. We will be happy to help arrange airfare for you to join the tour, but please keep in mind that certain tours require an airline booking fee. Please inquire if this fee is required for the tour you are interested in. You are welcome to make your airline reservations yourself. Please book your airfare within the arrival and departure times listed on the tour brochures so that you are able to join the group on time. We also request that you submit your flight confirmation number and other information to us so that we are able to monitor your flights before departure and on arrival day in your destination. Airport transfers are always included in our tours. 

What is the departure and return time for my tour?
This varies by the tour and you will be provided all of these details approximately 2 weeks before departure in your itinerary or confirmation which you will receive by mail. Depending on your pick up location, where you are going, the nature of the tour, and scheduled activities, you could leave very early in the morning and return very late in the evening. No matter when you depart or return, we always make sure that you have comfort stops every 2-2.5 hours while on the road, that meal stops are made around typical meal times (except for breakfast on departure days, please see your itinerary for approximate stops and times), and we feel comfortable that our pick up and drop off locations are safe.     

Why are tours cancelled even though I signed up?
Sadly, we have to have a minimum number of people to run a tour which can range from 20-30 paid passengers, depending on the tour. If we don't have enough people to cover the cost of the shared expenses (such as the motor coach, guides, meal minimums, et cetera), we have no choice but to cancel the tour. We really hate having to cancel tours because it disappoints you, our valued travelers, and it disappoints us because we put a lot of work into creating these fun tours for you. If your tour is cancelled by Joy Tour & Travel, we always refund the full amount that you have paid for the tour, including your insurance premium.    

If you see a tour that you are interested in joining, we ask that you submit your deposit as soon as know you can join us. We usually have to cancel a tour between 30-45 days from departure, depending on the vendors that are a part of the tour. We always wait until the very last moment to cancel our tours to see if we get enough last minute interest. It is inevitable that as soon as we cancel a tour, travelers call to join. We welcome travelers to join our tour at the last minute, but we cannot reschedule a tour after it is canceled.  

The tour I'm interested in leaves in just a few days, is it too late to join?
While we would love for you to join us, it depends on the tour and availability. Some of our tours sell out very quickly. If there is room on the motor coach, accommodations at the hotel, and availability with the other vendors, we are able to add you to the tour. We usually have to release our hold of unused hotel rooms one month to two weeks before departure so that the hotel can accommodate other travelers, which is usually our biggest hurdle when adding last minute travelers to a tour. If you would like to join a tour that is departing soon, please call the office at 513-777-8221 or 1-800-875-4569 Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. We will check on availability with the vendors and return your call to let you know if you are able to join us.   

I've been put on a waiting list because the tour I'm interested in is sold out. What should I do now? Will you add another motor coach?
Some of our tours, such as our mystery trips and holiday trips, sell out very quickly and we have to start a waiting list for interested travelers. We catalogue the waiting list the same way as we accept reservations: first come, first served. If there is a cancellation on a sold out tour and accommodations become available, we call the first travelers on the waiting list to see if they are still interested in joining. If we have not heard back from the first travelers on the waiting list after a day or so, we will assume that they are no longer interested and call the next travelers on the list. We highly suggest that you leave the phone number that you are most easily accessible when added to the waiting list, such as your cell phone number. If you are added to a tour from a waiting list, full payment for the tour is due immediately to secure your reservation. Will there be a second motor coach added? Maybe, if there are enough travelers on the waiting list to add a second motor coach and accommodations are available. Adding a second motor coach is not always possible and at the sole discretion of Joy Tour & Travel management.

How does seating work on the motor coach? Can I reserve a seat?
Our new policy is that first deposited gets their choice of front zone or rear zone of the coach. The ultimate decision is at left to the tour director’s discretion. If you need special accommodations such as the front of the motor coach because of mobility or motion sickness reasons, please let us know in the special requests/special accommodations section of your reservation form and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

I’m traveling with a group of friends. Can our hotel rooms be adjoining and can we sit together?
Please indicate on your reservation form whom you are traveling with and we will request that the hotel assigns your rooms next to each other. Although adjacent rooms will be requested, the hotels are not always able to accommodate. Connecting rooms are becoming scarce, so it is most likely that your rooms will be near each other but not connected. We do not assign seats for meals or attractions, so you should be able to sit together at meals, attractions, and on the motor coach depending upon when you deposit for the tour.

I’m a single traveler. Can you find a roommate for me?
Being a single traveler should not keep you from going out on an adventure! We do not involuntarily pair up single travelers as roommates but if you register for a tour as a single and want a roommate, let us know. We will make a note and if someone else inquires about wanting a roommate on the same tour, with your permission, we will give each of you the other person’s contact information. If you two decide that you would like to be roommates, just let us know and we will pair you in a room and adjust your account accordingly.  Ask us about our Guaranteed Share Program.

I need special accommodations because of dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetic), I have a walker or scooter, I need a handicapped room, I need a refrigerator in my room for insulin, et cetera. Can you accommodate my needs?
We will do everything possible to accommodate your requests and needs. Please indicate on your reservation form your requests. The sooner that we know that you have a special request, the better we can prepare and accommodate. We ask that you bring a travel-mate that can help if you have mobility issues and cannot board or exit the motor coach without assistance. While our tour director and drivers want to help in every way possible, they may not be able to assist you in the way that you need and deserve because of their job responsibilities.   

What should I pack for the tour?
What should I wear? – Our founder, Joyce Wingham likes to say that our dress is “Smart Casual” but please determine what you bring by the itinerary and the tour. You will want to pack nicer clothes (and blazers for gentlemen) on our tours to resorts such as The Greenbrier, The Homestead, and the like. If your tour includes a theater, you may want to pack a nicer outfit. We include average weather statistics in your travel information but please consult the weather for your destination when determining what to pack. Please be prepared for varying weather conditions. Remembering to bring a warm jacket, sweater, comfortable closed-toe walking shoes, a small travel umbrella, a hat, and sunscreen can ensure your comfort during the tour. The wise traveler dresses in layers because it is the easiest way to stay comfortable no matter what the weather conditions may be. 

Travel Documents -  Carry your valuables and travel documents with you at all times, this includes your currency, documentation, identification, glasses, cameras, and any medication that you may need. Be sure to bring more than enough medicine than you anticipate needing.

The Most Important Thing to Bring -  When you are packing, be sure to save a little extra room for a positive attitude. We strive to ensure our trips run smoothly and efficiently, but things can occur that are beyond our control. Being lighthearted and going with the flow when encountering the unexpected will keep little problems from ruining your vacation. If you do have an issue, please address the service provider such as the hotel desk staff or waiter. If your problem is not resolved, please let the tour director know.

Is gratuity included in the price of the tour?
The customary “end of trip” gratuity for the drivers and the tour director has not been included. Gratuity is a personal choice and should be extended on a voluntary and individual basis. It should be in direct proportion to the level of professionalism and personal service extended to you throughout the tour. The best way to present this gratuity is in the included envelopes with any comments and if you choose, your name on it. We request that group collections not be taken.
- A guideline of $2 - $3 per person for each traveling day is a customary amount for the Driver.
- A guideline of $3 - $4 per person for each traveling day is a customary amount for the Tour Director.
- A guideline of $2 per person is a customary amount for a Step-on/Professional guide.
All necessary tipping to bellman and waiters for included meals have been included and will be handled by your Tour Director on your behalf.

I have to cancel my tour. What do I do?
We understand that cancellations happen, which is why we highly suggest that you purchase Trip Mate Travel Protection with your tour reservation. As soon as you know that you have to cancel, please call the office at at 513-777-8221 or 1-800-875-4569 Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:30PM or you can leave a message after hours with a phone number where we can reach you during business hours. If you have to cancel the day of the tour, please contact the tour director on their cell phone number as listed on your travel documents before the time you are supposed to meet the motor coach so that the group is not waiting for you.

If you do not have Trip MateTravel Protection, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for more information pertaining to the type of tour (motor coach to your destination or flying to your destination) that you have registered for.  

If you have Trip Mate Travel Protection, please call the office at 513-777-8221 or 1-800-875-4569, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. We will submit your claim and provide to you the information you need to return with your paperwork to Trip Mate. Trip Mate only covers cancellations for medical reasons for you, your travel-mate, or immediate family, and for unforeseen circumstances while you are traveling. If you have any questions about your Trip Mate Policy, please call Trip Mate directly at 1-800-888-7292 and reference your plan ID (TPD33 or TPG33).