JOY Bucks

Put even more JOY in your travel with our JOY Bucks Loyalty Rewards Program!

Everyone likes saving money! With our JOY BUCKS reward program, you are rewarded for traveling!

You don't have to enroll, you only have to travel on our group tours offered through our groups department to receive these great certificates. It couldn't be easier!

After most of our overnight group trips of 2 nights or longer, be sure to look for your welcome back letter because you will find a JOY BUCKS certificate that you can use towards your future tours. Treat these certificates like cash as we can only accept the original certificates for discounts on your travel. Please be sure to send your JOY BUCKS with your registration form and deposit to receive your JOY BUCKS reward. 

Here are some examples of the JOY BUCKS you could be earning when you travel with JOY TOUR & TRAVEL when you travel as double occupancy and without any discounts. Single travelers will earn even more! 

Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll Island: $16 JOY BUCKS per person
Mystery Trip: $4 JOY BUCKS per person
Experience More of Branson: $9 JOY BUCKS per person
Door County, Wisconsin: $10 JOY BUCKS per person
Holiday at the BIltmore: $5 JOY BUCKS per person
Grand Tour of Italy: $35 JOY BUCKS per person

The Details and Fine Print: 

- JOY BUCKS expire 12 months from the tour date of which they are earned.
Example: You went on the Grand Tour of Italy on October 17-28, 2016.
The JOY Bucks you earned for that trip will expire October 17, 2017. 

- JOY BUCKS are valid for the amount printed on the certificate and may be accumulated towards a tour with the following maximum amount:  
$10 off a 2 night trip
$15 off a 3-4 night trip
$25 off a 5-6 night trip
$50 off 7 or more nights

- JOY BUCKS may not be used toward a day trip or 1 night trip and cannot be earned on a day trip or 1 night trip.

JOY BUCKS are only available to travel through our groups department only.

- JOY BUCKS may not be available on all tours. 

- JOY BUCKS are non-transferrable, non-extendable, non-refundable, and no change will be returned or transferred.

- JOY BUCKS cannot be earned on airfare, taxes or port charges.

- JOY BUCKS are treated as cash. You must send the original certificate with your deposit to be deducted from your final payment.

If you have any questions about our JOY BUCKS program, please do not hesitate to ask the group department.