Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some useful reference materials and common questions. As always, Joy Tour & Travel is a phone call or an e-mail away with any other assistance you need!


What is the fee for using a travel agency?

For the vast majority of services rendered, JOY Tour & Travel does not charge you any fee. The vendors that we book on your behalf pay us a commission in most cases. If you would like for us to book airline tickets by themselves, we do charge a service fee for our time to research and manage your reservation. The fee varies per service performed.

How does my Group Association or Senior Center benefit by being affiliated with JOY Tour & Travel?

JOY Tour & Travel cultivate s a broad range of long-standing partnerships with various Group Associations and Senior Centers. We genuinely enjoy getting to know your organization’s needs and providing travel opportunities that delight people you work with and care for. The benefit to your organization is free access to JOY travel consultant professsionals who love to delight your members/residents with trip possibilities and manage all the logistic details. Give us a call at (800) 875-4569 to learn more.

Helpful Links

JOY Tour & Travel recommends that you visit the following sites for the latest information related to your travel plans:




Consult your doctor for any specific health related concern

Flight Information




Currency Calculator


Can I go on a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean without having a passport?

Technically, yes, you may be able to cruise round trip from a US port to your destination. However, we must always highly recommend that you carry a valid passport. If something went wrong, like a health issue, and you have to be taken to a medical facility, you may encounter challenges re-entering the USA.

Can I get married in a different country than the country that I am a citizen of?

Yes, you may get married in selected countries in which you are not a citizen. However, there are certain requirements you must meet. Most countries have a residence requirement and the length of time varies. We are happy to coordinate a marriage ceremony and destination wedding. Let us handle the details and take that stress off your shoulders.

Some Packing and Traveling Tips

Clothing Advice: JOY Tour & Travel recommends travelers dress in layers because it is the easiest way to stay comfortable no matter what the conditions may be. We will provide you with average weather statistics in your travel information and you should also check the specific weather forecast for your destination. It is a good idea to have comfortable closed-toe walking shoes, a small travel umbrella, a hat, sunscreen/bug spray, and a jacket/sweater. Generally, we recommend dressing “Smart Casual” but please determine what you bring by the itinerary of your trip. Depending on your itinerary, you may also want to pack a couple of nicer outfits (and blazers for gentlemen).

Important Travel Items: Carry your valuables and official travel documents with you at all times, this includes your currency, documentation, identification, glasses, cameras, and any medication that you may need. Please make and keep an extra copy of the first page of your passport(s) separate from your official travel documents. Also, please be sure to bring more than enough medicine than you anticipate needing.

Traveling Mindset: Our advice is to save a little extra room for a positive attitude. Being lighthearted and going with the flow when encountering the unexpected will keep little problems from ruining your travel experience.

I require special accommodations because of dietary, mobility or other restrictions. Can you accommodate my needs?

JOY Tour & Travel will do everything possible to accommodate your requests and needs. Please indicate on you reservation form your specific requests. The sooner that we know that you have a special request, the better we can prepare and accommodate. If you have any mobility challenges, we suggest you bring a travel-mate that can best assist you in the way that you need.

I have to cancel the trip I booked with JOY Tour & Travel. What do I do?

We understand that cancellations happen, which is why we highly suggest that you purchase travel protection with your tour reservation. As soon as you know that you have to cancel, please call the office at 513-777-8221 or 1-800-875-4569 Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:30PM or you can leave a message after hours with a phone number where we can reach you during business hours. We will submit your claim and provide you the information you need to return with your paperwork to the travel protection company.

Most travel protection policies cover cancellations for medical reasons for you, your travel-mate, or immediate family, and for unforeseen circumstances while you are traveling. If you have any questions about your travel protections policy, please call the JOY office for assistance. If you have to cancel the day of the tour, please contact the tour director on their cell phone number as listed on your travel documents before the time you are supposed to meet the motor coach so that the group is not waiting for you.

If you do not have travel protection, please refer to our cancellation policy page for more information pertaining to the type of the tour (motor coach to your destination or flying to your destination) that you have registered for.


Booking a Tour:

Tours that are marked “GTD” indicate that is guaranteed to operate. For all tours you are interested to take, please book it sooner vs later as our tours sell out quickly. We ask you to submit your deposit at the initial booking.

The tour I’m interested in leaves in a few days, is it too late to join?

Be aware that our tours sell out very quickly. However, occasionally we will have last minute cancellations that open up some availability closure to the departure date. If you would liek to join a tour that is departing soon, please call the office at 513-777-8221 or 1-800-875-4569 Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:30PM and we will check on availability for you.

I’ve been put on a waiting list because the tour I’m interested in is sold out. How does this work?

Because our tours sell out very quickly, we will start a waiting list for additional interested travelers. If you are on a waiting list, please provide JOY Tour & Travel with a phone number where you can easily be reached as we have many cancellations that we can offer on a first come, first served basis. If we deem it necessary, it may be an option for JOY Tour & Travel to add a second motor coach.

I have limited mobility. Are you able to help me or someone in my family/group?

If you need special accommodations (such as the front of the motor coach) because of mobility or motion sickness reasons, please let us know in the special request/special accommodations section of your reservation form and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

I’m traveling with a group of friends. Can our hotel rooms be adjoining?

Please indicate on your reservation from whom you are traveling with and we will request that the hotel assigns your rooms next to each other. Although adjacent rooms will be requested, the hotels are not always able to accommodate. We will ensure your rooms are near each other if not connected.

I’m a single traveler. Is it possible to have a roommate?

Being a single traveler should not keep you from going on an adventure! We do not automatically pair up single travelers as roommates, but if you register for a tour as a single and want a roommate, let us know. We will make note of your request and if someone else inquires about wanting a roommate on the same tour, with your permission, we will give each of you the other person’s contact information. If you two decide that you would like to be roommates, just let us know and we will pair you in a room and adjust your account accordingly. Ask us about our Guaranteed Share Program.

Where do I meet the bus? What can I expect of a typical motor coach tour trip?

JOY Tour & Travel motor coach tours depart from a pick-up location in the Greater Cincinnati area and/or the Greater Dayton area. The specific pick-up location for each tour is determined for each trip once a majority of reservations are made. If a center or group has 15 or more passengers, then JOY Tour & Travel will arrange to coordinate a pick-up at the facility’s location. Your specific pick-up locationĀ  will be noted in your itinerary approximately two weeks before departure. You are able to leave your vehicle at the pick-up location for the duration of the tour. Once the tour is on the road, we always make sure to provide regular comfort stops and mealtime stops.

Day trips:
  • Typically depart around 7:30/8:00Am and return around 5:00/6:00PM (each tour varies)
  • You will receive a confirmation letter approximately 10-14 days prior to your trip with your pick-up location, departure and return times, as well as the Tour Directors name and contact phone number.
Overnight Tours:
  • Typically depart around 7:00/7:30AM and return around 6:00/7:00PM (each tour varies)
  • You will receive your trip packet with itinerary booklet, luggage tags, parking forms and all other trip details approximately 14-16 days in advance of departure.
Is gratuity included in the price of the tour?

All necessary tipping to the bellman for luggage handling and waiters for included meals have been included and will be handled by your Tour Director on your behalf.

The customary “end of trip” gratuity for step-on guides, the driver and the tour director is not included in your booking cost. Gratuity is a voluntary choice and is extended on an individual basis as an appreciation for the professionalism and personal service extended to you throughout the tour. (We request that group collections not be taken please.) Present your gratuity in the included envelopes with any comments and if you choose, your name on it.

  • A guideline of $2-$3 per person for each traveling day is a customary amount for the Driver.
  • A guideline of $3-$4 per person for each traveling day is a customary amount for the Tour Director.
  • A guideline of $2 per person is a customary amount for a Step-on/Professional guide.
How do I join a flying tour?

If you are interested inĀ  joying a tour where you need to reach your destination by airplane, JOY Tour & Travel will help guide you. Some fly tours include the airfare in the price and other tours are “Land Only”, which means the price only includes the price of the tour and the cost to book an airline is additional. Air travel needs to be booked with the arrival and departure times listed on the tour brochures in mind so that you are able to join the group on time. Fore Land Only tours requiring an additional airline booking, you are welcome to make your airline reservations yourself or request JOY tour & Travel to arrange it for you for a small booking fee. Once reservations are confirmed, JOY Tour & Travel will record the flight confirmation number so that we are able to monitor your flights before departure and on arrival day in your destination. Please note: Airport transfers are normally included in our tours.

Am I able to travel by train?

Yes, JOY Tour & Travel can help you travel by train. We have some tours that include train travel, usually Amtrak. We are glad to arrange independent train travel as well.